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        Shenzhen camel biomedical electronic Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned high-tech enterprise under Henan camel Holding Co., Ltd. It is the only one in China that focuses on specialization, < br / > Intelligent medical equipment and solution supplier. Shenzhen camel is headquartered in Shenzhen Pingshan national Biomedical Innovation Industrial Park, with sales branches in 31 provinces and autonomous regions.
        Shenzhen camel inherits the integrated innovation advantages of camel group in the fields of anesthesia, pain, nursing, etc., integrating R & D, production, sales and service, and is based in Shenzhen and clinical oriented.

        • 【New Coronaviru

          【New Coronaviru


        • 【New coronaviru

          【New coronaviru


        • Ultrasound exam

          Ultrasound exam


        • New Coronary Pn

          New Coronary Pn


        • Facing the epid

          Facing the epid


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